Universal Process Indicators

Thermocouple Sensor Calibration System
  • PIC1000   Input : Universal(Thermocouple/RTD) Current Voltage & mV
                      Output : Alarm, Retransmission, Communication (Bezel size 48x96 mm)
  • PIC152     Low Cost, 2 Alarm outputs with retransmission (Bezel size 48x96 mm)
  • PIC101     Very low cost indicator (no output) : PIC101 (Bezel size 48x96 mm)

Engineering Unit, Model : EU 02

  • Micro-processor based unit for process indication
  • Accept signals 4-20 mA DC or 0-10VDC
  • Display is freely scalable from -9999 to +9999 and having password protected input calibration.
  • Size : 36mm x 72mm (H x W)
  • Supply : 6.3V to 24V AC or DC