Rotameters are general purpose, Direct reading, Relatively simple instruments, Recommended for universal use, where a reliable sensitive repeatable indication of instantaneous flow rate is required for process control, Or other purposes.

This type of instrument consists of essentially a vertical mounted, tapered, calibrated glass tube with a float inside it. Sensewell make Rotameters are designed to meet the needs of modern chemical and allied industries, pilot plants & laboratories, where rate of flow of liquid or gas inside a pipe line or tubing is to be measured with a certain degree of accuracy.

Suitable for inline installation with flanged or screwed connections with several options mounting of material for the Wetted parts. Available in line sizes from ½" to 3" NB

Ranges : Between 2.5 to 40,000 LPH of water at Ambient Temperature.
Between 0.1 to 300 NM3/Hr of air at NTP.
Accuracy : +2% of full
Accessories : High & Low Flow Alarms.